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Phrosa's Sanctuary needs help

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Animals need your help. Phrosa's Sanctuary needs to move to a larger space that will accommodate more animals and allow the founder to rescue more. This fundraiser will help Phrosa's Sanctuary buy a 9500 square meter plot of land.

9500 square meters for:

  • 2 horses,
  • 29 dogs and
  • 18 cats already rescued by Phrosa's Sanctuary.

9500 square meters for the other needy souls waiting to be rescued.

9500 square meters for the warehouse where the sanctuary will also store donated goods for people without possibilities! Yes, they help needy people too, not just animals.

The land they want to buy is located in a green area with plenty of space to walk the horses and it even has a small grove! It is close to Bucharest and you will be able to visit all the rescued pets.

Love and Passion shelter MUST relocate!

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Love and Passion shelter needs to relocate because the land where the shelter was built innitially got turned into urban land. In Romania dog shelters cannot be located in urban areas, so the shelter has to relocate as soon as possible.

The shelter founders already spent their life economies to build this shelter and it is virtually impossible for them to move on their own.

We need donors to help them move the shelter to a rural area where it is allowed to have a dog shelter.

Over the last 6 years since the founders started the shelter, they gave up everything.
They gave up their personal lives, their savings; their house and car are basically destroyed from all the dogs that came and left. Now they are ready to give up their home and move wherever the dogs will be safe.

Are you ready to give a donation so they can continue to keep the dogs safe?

Care For Dogs Romania ~ Christmas fundraiser

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The dogs of Care For Dogs Romania need your help to live well this winter. The shelter is located in open space in a mountain area (Brasov, Romania).

It takes three minutes to freeze solid in the area where our shelter is located, especially when the wind blows and the chill factor is high. Imagine what it’s like to live in our kennels 24/7 during winter when there’s a blizzard blowing outside. It’s not good.

Therefore we need to take special precautions to keep our dogs warm and safe this winter. We need to isolate the kennels using high quality materials such as OSB on the sides and special polycarbonate on the doors. These materials are more resistent to wind and they protect more efficiently.

We think of our dogs like they are our children and just like any parent out there, we want to keep our children warm, fed, safe. They already suffered enough before they came to us. Let’s help them have a warm and easy winter! It is up to you and us to make they life a better life.

Solace For Strays veterinary bill

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Corina Mihaela has been rescuing for the past 3 years and six months ago she founded Asociatia Patru Labute Solace For Strays (translated as Four Paws Association Solace For Strays). She opened the non profit association because she wanted to do more for the dogs and this is the way to do it.

Unfortunately we started having financial difficulties since the month of August. Many long distance adopters backed out from sponsoring their dogs, many dogs were sick and needed extensive veterinary treatment. Unsurprisingly many dogs are being dumped on the side of the road by irresponsible people. Corina can’t be indiferent to suffering, so she did what she had to do. She took these dogs in, made loans, she did everything possible short of a miracle.

Solace For Strays vet bill and the loan made to keep the association functioning reached 2000 euros recently and we are desperately begging you to help Corina pay it back. We need you. The dogs need you.

Thank you for your generosity

With your continued support, we are able to help animals in need.

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