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Care For Dogs WebsiteWebCare For Dogs Romania

After meeting Care For Dogs Romania's founder back in 2016 it was clear that we had to help this dedicated rescuer fulfill her best potential. Creating a well designed, easy to navigate and intuitive website was a must

It took roughly two months to go over discovery and coming up with a design and another two months to develop the website. The website fullfils the three main needs of the non profit: (1) a donation page that allows for recurrent donations; (2) an automated events page for recurring events such as weekly dog walks and monthly food drives; (3) a showcase of the non profit's activity.

Blanche House WebsiteWebBlanche House Cat Sanctuary

Blanche House is a small sanctuary type shelter founded by a veterinary nurse who loves cats. The founder decided to turn her home into a permanent shelter for cats with special needs that are very difficult to place into homes.

The website's purpose is to showcase each resident and its special story, provide a platform for the sanctuary's founder to publish her blog, and offer the supporters a page where they can donate to the cats one time or recurrent.

Street Dogs Saving Mission WebsiteWebStreet Dogs Saving Mission Bacau

Street Dogs Saving Mission Bacau is a small private shelter in Bacau, Romania. The founder wanted to build a larger shelter to help more dogs get a chance at a good life. We created a shelter business plan and an accompanying website to promote the plan and draw donations for the building of the future larger shelter.

The website also aims at providing information about Romania and the ability to create more fundraising campaigns.

CTV2 WebsiteWebCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

CTV 2 (Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2) dog shelter is funded by long distance adopters. The website streamlines the information about how to become a long distance adopter and allows for online application to become one.

The website also showcases the stories of the resident dogs written by Mariana Dane. Last, but not the least, the website promotes yearly event to honor the long distance adopters.

SOS Arms WebsiteWebSOS Arms

SOS Arms website showcases the work Georgiana Neagu, one of the most accomplished rescuers in Romania. Georgiana needed a website to present her rescue activity and to encourange recurring donations.

Besides rescuing unwanted or abused pets, Georgiana lobbies with European Union Parliament to improve the life of Romanian abandoned animals.

Pufi Puff WebsiteWebPufi Puff Salon

The website was done for a rescuer who supports her shelter with the profit made from her own grooming salon.


Spay BrochurePrintCenter of Hope

Center of Hope needed a brochure to encourage spay and neuter of pets, reduction of pet abandonment, increase of donations for spay/neuter campaigns and increase of membership of its Facebook group 'Punem 10 Lei La Treaba'.

The brochure uses a neutral color palette and the picture of Cioco, one of the many dogs spayed for free by the wonderful doctors at Center of Hope.

Promo BrochurePrintCenter of Hope

Center of Hope needed an office brochure to promote the services of the newly opened clinic.

We worked with the logo's color scheme and created a neutral white and light gray with green and orange accents to showcase the clinic's cutting edge veterinary technology and services.

Adoption BrochurePrintCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2 needed a brochure to promote long distance and permanent adoption. This brochure is part of a set of printed materials given to participants at CTV2's annual adoption event.

The brochure uses the two colors choosen by the Center's director sky blue and light pink and it comes in two formats: trifold and two fold. The twofold version also contains an adoption form.

Adoption Event InvitePrintCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

CTV Sector 2 needed a printed invitation for their annual event to honor the long distance adopters. The invitation comes in 2 variations and sizes (one for the city hall employees and another for regular citizens).

Both designs use the colors of choice: sky blue and light pink and include the event program, location map and all other info needed so that the invitees will be enticed to participate.

Adopter DiplomasPrintCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

CTV Sector 2's annual event to honor the long distance adopter needed a way to thank them, so we created a diploma that further carries the event theme colors (sky blue and light pink). The event is customized with the adopter's name and it is signed by Sector 2's mayor.

We created two variations: a printed one for adopters who participated to the event and a downloadable one for adopters who couldn't make it to the event.

2019 CalendarPrintCare For Dogs Romania

This is the second edition of Care For Dogs Romania calendar. The calendar comes in English, German, and Romanian variations and it features the canine stars of the shelter.

The theme of the calendar is silver gray and the association's logo green to create a festive feeling and recognisable look. The calendar's goal is to encourage adoptions.

2018 CalendarPrintCare For Dogs Romania

This is the first edition of Care For Dogs Romania calendar. It was a discovery journey for the shelter as well as for us since it was the first calendar we designed.

The calendar features the shelter's dogs and the design is based on the association's logo/brand colors: earth brown and grass green. Each month shows the story of a dog and encourages buyers to adopt said dog.

Magnets & Business CardsPrintCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania is involved actively in the local community to promote spay/neuter as a humane means to manage stray animal population, encourage adoption, discourage abandonment, and attracting volunteers at the shelter

Naturally they needed presentational materials and reminder souvenirs such as business cards, branded letterhead, branded magnets, etc. We created such materials making sure we keep to the association's brand and logo. We coalesced all the materials together into a cohesive styleguide which can be used by all the association's volunteers and supporters.

Donation Box DisplayPrintCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania needed a donation box design that attracts attention without bein intrusive. This donation box was displayed at the front desk of a partner veterinary office.

The donation box design comes in 4 variations, includes a QR code that links to the shelter's donation web page and it is accompanied by an info card that people can take home to learn more about the association's activity.

Promo PostcardsPrintVolunteer Hearts & Homes

Volunteer Hearts & Homes needed an affordable way to promote its online store and encourage donations and adoption. We came up with four designs and used a gentle color theme with logo orange and duck blue as base colors and red as accent color.

The cats and dogs rescued by Volunteer Hearts & Homes were the stars of this promotional postcard.

Spay/Neuter PosterPrintCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania runs a continuous spayneuter campaign for the cats and dogs of Brasov and surroundings. We created 3 variations of a poster each targeted to a specific area.

We also created accompanying social media images and a web page, so that we promote the campaign in both online and offline mediums.

BookPrintCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

12 life stories of the dogs hosted at CTV Sector 2 shelter as imagined by Mariana Dane.

The book's design is stylized acquarelle and it was printed in a small batch of 150 copies. All the proceeds from the sale of this book will support the shelter.

Email Blasts

Monthly ReminderCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

Monthly emails for the supporters who long distance adopted dogs from the CTV Sector 2 shelter.

The mobile friendly design has a thematic image each month and a gentle reminder to make the monthly payment for the pups that were long distance adopted.

Christmas E-CardCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

For the shelter's Christmas e-card we decided to use a fresh design that inspires a holiday festive feeling. The mobile friendly email is in Romanian language and appeals to the mainly Christian Orthodox long distance adopters audience.

The water color design with red color as the accent remind of old fashioned Christmas cards that Romanian people love to gift each other during the end of the year holidays. It creates a nostalgic feeling that hopefully will inspire them to tell their friends about CTV2 shelter.

March 8th E-CardCentrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2

International Women's day is an important day in Romania, so naturally CTV Sector 2 wanted to mark this day with a congratulatory email sent to all the long distance adopters and supporters.

The floral acuarelle design evoques spring and renewal and inspires vitality.

Christmas E-CardCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania's Christmas e-card purpose was to wish supporters happy holidays as well as inform them about the shelter's latest achievements. Additionally the mobile friendly email promoted specific dogs for adoption.

The clean design used red and light blue accent colors and holiday themed elements to inspire a festive feeling.

Newsletter EmailsCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania first yearly newsletter is a highlight of the association's most notable achievements throughout the year. The mobile friendly email is uses a similar design to the same year's Care For Dogs Romania calendar and inspires the same celebratory feeling.

The email is faithful to the associations logo and brand colors which are used in tandem with holiday specific colors.

Newsletter EmailsCare For Dogs Romania

Care For Dogs Romania quarterly newsletter comes in two langauges, Romanian and English, and it has a mobile friendly design.

The email uses the association's logo and brand colors and informs the supporters of all the notable events during the past quarter.



Infographics series of three infographics about the Romanian homeless dogs situation.

Web and downloadable form.