Voice For The Needy Principles

  • high quality of collaboration with other local rescuers
  • consistent documentation and updating of rescue cases
  • respectful behavior rowards other rescuers, the donors and the public
  • respectful reputation

Beneficiarii aprobati se angajeaza ca vor respecta urmatoarele:

  1. The rescuer or the person who initiates a fundraiser must be involved in promoting the fundraiser
    • Invite as many friends as possible,
    • Share the fundraiser as often as possible
    • Post updates on the fundraiser wall at least every other day, ideally daily
  2. The rescuer should have an impecable reputation
  3. The rescuer or the person initiating the fundraiser should not bad mouth any other rescuers approved by Voice For The Needy for fundraisers. List of approved rescuers

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