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If you want to organize an effective fundraiser or you wonder why your fundraiser is not making progress, check out these resources. Be it a one time fundraiser or wanting to draw more monthly donors, these resources can help you achieve that and understand what works, what doesn't work, what the prospective donors are looking for and what they are expecting from the charities they donate to.

These are documents and links I gathered since I opened my non profit association back in 2013 and I started helping various Romanian rescuers achieve their goals. It's been a trial and error and I am still learning. This page is only the start of a resource hub I'm planning to create for Romanian rescuers.

Links highlighted in red are links added in the last 30 days.

Fundraising Articles and websites
4 Simple Ways to Thank Your Donors
Rethink the season of giving
How to persuade people using psychology theories
Using metaphors to influence people's opinions
Metaphors (The Ultimate Guide) by Dr. Chris Drew, PhD in Education
7 tips on asking for donations
15 Creative Ways to Thank Donors
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How to Write a Business Plan for an Animal Shelter
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The Psychology of User Behavior for Nonprofits
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11 Holiday Quotes to Get You in the Giving Spirit
Create a Nonprofit Annual Report Your Supporters Will Actually Read
The 4 Barriers That Keep Your Donors From Giving
6 Data-Driven Fundraising Strategies to Boost Donations
How to Convert One-Time Donors to Monthly Donors
5 Fundraising Incentives That Activate Supporters
6 Fundraising Psychology Hacks You Need to Know
16 Unique Fundraising Ideas Based on Search Trends
Why Dopamine Might Be the Secret to Motivating Supporters
How to Make the Donation Process a Habit
8 Ways to Stay Relevant to Your Audience
How to Engage Different Generations of Donors
4 Storytelling Tips From Charity: Water's Brand Content Lead [VIDEO]
21 Creative Fall Fundraising Ideas
The Most Effective Follow-Ups for Nonprofit Events and Campaigns
How to Put Humanity Back Into Your Nonprofit’s Impact
How to Create a Compelling Fundraising Campaign Theme
What Makes a Good Thank You?
How to Attract Donors, No Matter Your Mission
6 Fundraising Psychology Hacks You Need to Know
How to Identify and Respond to Fundraising “No”s
How to Get Supporters to Donate Birthdays to Your Cause
6 Ways to Simplify Your Corporate Fundraising
9 Nonprofit Emails That Actually Convert
How to Leverage Humor in Your Nonprofit’s Marketing
INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits
4 Smart Ways Nonprofits Can Tap Into Corporate Giving
Social Media Guides and Articles
Presentation Deck - 12 Principles of Viral ContentDownload
How to use social media hashtags and not screw it up
How to Leverage Social Media to Grow a Non-Profit
The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2018 Based on Research
11 Simple Yet Effective Edits to Instantly Improve Your Social Media Content
Nonprofits on Social Media: How to Turn Followers Into Donors
37 Twitter Feeds Nonprofit Leaders Should Follow
9 Email Templates to Engage Donors Year-RoundDownload
25 Instagram Tips for the Modern Nonprofit
30 Power Words That Convert on Social Media
How Should Facebook Play Into Your Fundraising Strategy?
PR articles
How to Do Your Own PR
PR 101
9 Steps to a Successful PR Campaign
How to Be Your Own PR Machine
What Do PR Agencies Do? Can You Do It Too?
4 Ways to Get Press Coverage for Your Nonprofit
How to Handle Bad Press and Get Back on Track
PR Platforms where we can publish PR stories
TitleLanguage (Click orange button 'Add post' to add your content)English (Submit your story here (Be careful with this platform because they block articles that are too self-promotional. To make a post follow this linkEnglish
Reddit.comEnglish (Click orange button 'Submit Your Video')English (Pitch your story by emailing Cheryl or Penny. They are interested in publishing stories with viral potential.)English
PupJournal.comEnglish (Click orange button that says 'Submit & Make Monday'. Basically you can spread the world about your shelter and make a little bit of money if the video becomes viral)English (Scroll down the page and click link that says 'Submit video'. Or you can go directly to this Google form)English
Creative Articles and websites
45+ Best Creative Poster Ideas, Templates & Tips
How to Make an Effective Infographic in 5 Steps
20+ attention grabbing poster ideas
10 Colors That Increase Sales, and Why
3 Pitfalls of Nonprofit Newsletters and How to Avoid Them
5 Killer Photography Tips for Nonprofit Brands
12 Ways to Jazz Up Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page
9 Harry Potter Quotes to Inspire Nonprofit Professionals
Tech Articles and websites
Google for Nonprofits–How to Turn $10K in Free Advertising Into Online Donations
4 Ways to Increase Your Nonprofit Website’s Conversion Rate
Why Your Nonprofit Website Can’t Just Be “Good Enough”
How to Write The Perfect Fundraising Email [TEMPLATES]
Funny Stuff
12 Moments Every Nonprofit Event Planner Understands [GIFs]
9 Supporter Emails You Don’t Want to Receive [GIFs]
21 GIFs Every Fundraising Professional Understands
Ordin nr. 523/2008 pentru aprobarea Normelor metodologice de aplicare a Legii nr. 205/2004 privind protectia animalelor
OUG nr. 155/2001 privind aprobarea programului de gestionare a cainilor fara stapan, Ordonanta de urgenta 155/2001, consolidata 2009
Online Tools and other sites
Kizoa (create videos and slideshows)
Dreamstime (offers free stockphotos to newsletter subscribers) (royalty free music that can be used as soundtrack in promotional videos and slideshows)
Venngage (online tool to create infographics and pitch decks with many free templates)
Venngage blog (subscribe to their newsletter to receive a lot of creative content and how-tos)
Raffle random picker (to ensure a raffle is unbiased and deflect possible complaints from participants)
Color scheme generator You can generate a color scheme in many ways, but one useful way is to upload a picture and generate a color scheme based on it. This is useful especially when you create a poster or a postcard.
Podcasts, Videos, Blogs
Classy Podcast The Classy Podcast tells the stories of today's leading founders and executives in the social sector. Each week, we unlock their founding stories and share them with you to inspire the next generation that is mobilized to drive change.English
Top 10 TED Talks for Nonprofit LeadersEnglish
9 Nonprofit Podcasts You Need on Your RadarEnglish
Network For Good Blog (articles about fundraising and other non profit endeavors)Engleza
Network For Food Resources Library (guides, templates, case studies)Engleza
Guidestar BlogEnglish
Dog Play Outdoors. A blog about dogs and enjoying the great outdoors with canine companions.English
Romanian Animal Groups on Facebook
Cat LoversDownloadDownload
Dog LoversDownloadDownload
Animal LoversDownloadDownload
Specialized groups. These groups belong to highly successful shelters and non profit associations. They owe their success to a collaborative mentality which attracts many followers and volunteers. This is called the snowball effect.DownloadDownload